Rumors about VIP aircrafts for hajj are not true

Messages that this year the Azerbaijani pilgrims  will leave for Hajj  by VIP planes do not correspond to reality, according to the Caucasian Muslims Office (CMO.)

At the moment, the delegation of CMO is  having  talks in Saudi Arabia about the organization of charter flights during the Hajj. However, the final agreement  has not been reached yet.  Therefore, reports «VIP aircraft"  is a provocation with a view to oppose CMO pilgrims.

 Four thousand believers are expected this year on hajj. Cost of the trip per person, as well as last year, will be from 3100 to 4100 manats, depending on the hotel and food service. Sending pilgrims  will start  on September 20.

The  Hajj by buses was canceled after the destabilization of the situation in Iraq and Syria. -05B06-

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