Rustamkhanly: let Iran take does its business

The Iranian embassy in Azerbaijan issued a protest at the recent event in Baku World Azerbaijanis Congress (WAC.) Embassy regarded the event  at which the participants spoke about violations of human rights of ethnic Azerbaijanis by  Iran as a "separatist".   The Iranian embassy called  the WAC a "small group", which has no political weight, and working in favor of the enemies of Iran and Azerbaijan. The Embassy threatened to give a legal assessment to the "insults against Iran."

The embassy also called the official Baku to use legal measures against "separatist group", calling into question the territorial integrity of Iran. In turn, the co-chair of the WAC, MP Sabir Rustamkhanly, declared unfounded claims of the Iranian side.  According to him, the attention to the problems of Azerbaijanis  living in Iran  is a direct duty of  the WAC.

At the same time, he pointed to the lessening the number of the Azerbaijanis in Iran, depriving them of the opportunity to speak and learn in their native language.  

Iran also continues to work closely with Armenia,  which has  occupied the territory of Azerbaijan, does not take measures to prevent environmental disaster - the drying of Lake Urmia, where densely populated by the millions of Azerbaijanis.

"Therefore, there is no basis for such statements. Let everyone does its job, and do not tell others what to do," said Rustamhanly. -05D/B-

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