Search for Suspects in Murder of Policemen in Gence

Baku / 11.07.18 / Turan: Law enforcement agencies established the identity of the suspects in the murder of two police officers during the riots in Gence on the evening of July 10. The search for these persons is under way.

As recalled in a joint statement of the Prosecutor General's Office, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the State Security Service (SSS), on July 10, 2018, a group of religious radicals in Gence attempted to grossly violate public order. They resisted police officers, using blunt and piercing-cutting tools. As a result of the clashes, two police officers were killed.

As a result of the operative and investigative measures taken, the persons previously convicted for murder and robbery were identified as suspected of committing the crime against police officers, Rashad Mammadali Oglu Beyukkishiyev (born in 1988) and Farrukh Khagani Oglu Gasimov (born in 1988). Currently, intensive searches of the suspects are conducted.

Böyükkişiyev Rəşad Məmmədəli oğluQasımov Fərrux Xaqani oğluAs a result of decisive measures, the public order in Gence has been restored. In general, stability and security are reliably protected in the republic, the press release says. -06d--

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