Social Week will be held "Week of Political Prisoners"

Baku/20.10.17/Turan: The Center for the Protection of Political Prisoners (CPPP) at the meeting on October 20 condemned inhuman treatment of youth activists of the civil NIDA Movement - Bayram Mammadov, Giyas Ibrahimov, Ilkin Rustamzade and Elgiz Gahraman in penal institutions. The meeting was attended by family members of political prisoners, human rights activists, representatives of political parties. "In prison N13, inhuman treatment of the "prisoner of the monument" Bayram Mammadov continues. It must be stopped.

We will turn to the health of Bayram Mammadov and other political prisoners to the PACE rapporteurs. We begin in social networks Week of protection of political prisoners. During the campaign, photos of political prisoners with the demand for their release will be published. We will turn to the ombudsman," said Zumrud Yagmur, the wife of imprisoned deputy chairman of the PFPA Fuad Gahramanli. Particular concern was expressed in the health of Bayram Mammadov.

The mother of activist Sevinj Mamedova expressed concern for her son in connection with her biased attitude towards her son in the jail. "Bayram's sleeping place is near the door, where there is always a draft. There are no glasses in the windows near that place. My son often gets sick. In recent days, Bayram has had problems with the kidneys," noted the actor's mother. It is noteworthy that Mammadov was previously changed his sleeping place.

After he served a 10-day sentence to the punishment cell, he was charged for arbitrarily changing his place and returned to his place near the toilet to discredit him among the convicts. Speakers noted that ill traetment the political pisoners in the jails has toughened. -03C06-

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