Statistics of losses in the army in the first half of the year: 50 killed, 98 wounded

During the period of January-July 2014 in the defense and security forces of the country  were killed 50 and injured 98 people, according to the report of the “Doctrine” research center. Of them, 10 people  died in  combat, three were blown up by mines, and 37 -  not combat losses. Thus, 10 were killed in car accidents, 6 - from hazing relations, two - from accidents, one - for some unknown reason, seven - from disease, and 11 - as a result of suicide. Of those killed, 42 people are military of the Defense Ministry. As for the wounded, the 21 people injured as a result of hazing, eight as a result of suicide attempts, 15 people - by gunfire from the Armenian side, 9 - from a landmine, two military exercises, 37 - as a result of car accidents, two in accidents cases, and one was poisoned. 83 people from among the wounded are military of the Defense Ministry. Over this period, 10 civilians were wounded in a shooting on the Armenian side, and two were killed. Currently on the Azerbaijani side is a family of Armenian deserters from five people and one prisoner. Armenians   keep as hostages two Azerbaijanis.-03D-

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