The brother of a political emigrant arrested

Baku / 24.02.18 / Turan: On February 23 in Nasimi district of Baku, people in civilian clothes detained a young man Elgiz Sadikhli and brought him to the police of Sabunchu district. Later, the judge of this district, Suleyman Agayev, convicted Elgiz for 30 days of arrest. The father of the detained Alovsat Sadikhli informed Turan. According to him, his son's whereabouts are still unknown. "We were told in Sabunchu police that he was taken to the pre-trial detention center in the Binagadi district, but they told us that Elgiz was not there," the father said. He also does not know what exactly Elgin is being accused of.

Elgiz is the brother of political emigrant Tural Sadikhli, who lives in Germany and actively criticizes the authorities of Azerbaijan on public protests in Europe. Earlier, on February 18, the police detained his father, Alovsat Sadikhli, and released him 24 hours later. "I was told that this is due to the anti-state activities of my son. I objected that he can criticize the authorities, but he is not engaged in anti-state activities," the father said.

Alovsat Sadikhli and his son Elgiz were also detained in 2015, when during a visit of Ilham Aliyev to Germany, a group of political emigrants held a protest. A month later, Elgiz was sentenced to two years in prison, but the appellate court changed the deprivation of liberty to conditional punishment. Since then, Sadikhli"s family and families of other political emigrants are under pressure from the authorities. -03D-

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