Traditional action of blood donating will be on Ashura Day

 The Caucasian Muslims  Department  (CMD) announced the list of mosques where  on Ashura, November 4, will  be campaign for blood donation.

They are  the mosques: "Taza Pir", "Haji Soltanali" ( near the "Nizami" subway station), "Ajdarbey" ("Blue Mosque"), "Biby Eybat", "Juma" (Icheri Sheher), "Garachukhur" "Mir Movsum aha," and "Keshla."

Blood donation will be  also in "Juma" mosque  in  the city of Sumgait, "Imamzade" - Ganja, "Heydar" - Mingyachevir, "Juma" - Sheki, "Beyukbazar" - Lankaran, "Juma" - Bard.

* Ashura - the 10th day of Muharram, is marked as the peak of the Shiites  mourning of Prophet Muhammad's grandson Imam Hussein and his companions, who died in an unequal battle with the Umayyad in the desert of Karbala in the year 680.

Blood donating  action is held to replace the self-torture ritual remainder  since the Middle Ages.-- 05D06—

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