New Book on Mirza Fatali Akhundov

Baku / 29.04.20 / Turan: The book by the historian Aydin Balayev titled Multifaceted MF Akhundov: Convinced Russophile, Iranian Patriot, and Instigator of “Azerbaijani Identity” has been published by Jeko Print.

Unlike other books about Akhundov, the theme of which is the vicissitudes of his life, the merits and demerits of his works, as well as his philosophical worldview, this work is devoted to the role of Akhundov in the formation of an identity called “Azerbaijanis” or “Azerbaijani Turks”.

The relevance of the problem is that the debate around this topic is far from over. Today, as 100 years ago, there are debates in society about three forms of identity: Turkic, Azerbaijani and Islamic. Moreover, the current situation is even more confusing and contradictory.

 In the early twentieth century, supporters of Islam sought to establish a Shiite, but in fact, Iranian identity. Now, due to the wide spread of various currents of Sunniism in Azerbaijan, many forms of Islamic identity have emerged that are already fighting among themselves.

On the other hand, the concept of “Azerbaijani identity” has undergone a significant transformation. The author of this idea is M.E. Rasulzade who not only did not deny the Turkic origin of Azerbaijanis, but on the contrary considered this factor to be pivotal.

 Meanwhile, in the modern interpretation, the concept of “Azerbaijani identity” is somewhat reminiscent of the notorious “Soviet” or “Ottoman” identity, designed to unite ethnic and national groups of different origin into a single whole.

The work is written in a rather critical tone regarding the heritage of Akhundov, which, however, does not detract from his invaluable services to his fellow tribesmen.

The book can be purchased from and Oxford stores near May 28 Underground Station, as well as in the Academic Book store under the Museum of Literature.-02D-


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