Nazim Beidemirli: The figures of the Ministry of Labor raise doubts

Baku/18.10.17/Turan: Despite the elimination of a number of administrative obstacles for business development, problems remain in this area, and this negatively affects the country's economy, said in the interview with the program "Çətin sual" ("Difficult issue") of the Turan news agency by the former deputy of parliament, businessman Nazim Beidemirli. "About two years, restrictions were removed with the issuance of a license for business. The issuance of perpetual licenses began. These measures have touched many areas. In addition, the state showed support for agriculture, not for the oil sector. The state invests in these sectors," Beidemirli said. Nevertheless, not all obstacles have been eliminated. Concerning the general economic situation, Beidemirli said that the growth of consumer prices continues to adversely affect the state of citizens. In his view, the reforms should be of a cardinal nature and affect the management system.

At the same time, Beidemirli noted that his expectations from the reform of the Cabinet structure were not justified. "The Cabinet of Ministers must have a mobile structure, turn into a dynamically functioning body," the former deputy said. As an example, he pointed to the structure of the Cabinet of Ministers of Georgia, which consists of the prime minister, two vice-premiers and approximately 17-18 ministers. In his opinion, broader structural reforms should be carried out, since there are so many branches of the Cabinet that repeat each other. Referring to the Strategic Roadmap for Economic Development, Beidemirli believes that they are being implemented too slowly.

"It is planned to implement road maps until 2020. Investing in different priority areas also implies fundamental changes. However, in some cases they are not met even by 10%," he said.

He also touched upon the reasons for the late implementation of the document. "The people who developed road maps come from the bureaucracy. Most of them are more inclined to prepare documents with a set of words than to real reforms. I am pessimistic about the idea that road maps will fundamentally change our lives," Beidemirli said. At the same time, the economist questioned the figures associated with the created jobs.

"I doubt the figures that were voiced by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population for the first 9 months of this year. It is said that the number of insured citizens is 3 million 528 thousand people. At the same time, if we compare the figures for insurance premiums, they cover 850 thousand people. It's about the non-oil sector. If the ministry figures are true, then the average pension cannot be 204 manat, but it should be twice as much," he said. -71D-

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