Why are fake COVID passports in demand?

Baku/23.08.21/Turan: At a briefing on August 20, the Head of the Department for Economic Affairs and Policy of Innovative Development of the Presidential Administration (AP) Shahmar Movsumov said that there are people who want to get fake passports for COVID-19 without having been vaccinated, and, accordingly, doctors who issue these passports without vaccinating patients. He stated that those involved in such a transaction and putting themselves and others at risk will be held accountable.

The Prosecutor General's Office and the Ministry of Internal Affairs also issued a joint statement on the identification of persons who issued fake passports for COVID-19. According to the statement, in a number of medical institutions in the capital, information about some citizens was placed in the electronic registration system "e-DOCTOR" for money. These people without vaccination were issued fake passports for COVID-19.

In recent days, the number of infections and deaths from coronavirus in the country has increased significantly. However, are there people who are avoiding vaccinations and trying to get a fake COVID-19 passport in exchange for a bribe? What is the motivation of these people? Who is behind the doctors issuing fake passports for COVID-19? Radiologist Aydin Aliyev, who was directly involved in the treatment of patients infected with coronavirus, answers these and other questions in the "Difficult Question" program.

Aliyev said there are several reasons why people avoid vaccinations and try to obtain a fake COVID-19 passport. Firstly, in connection with vaccination, sufficient educational, agitation and propaganda work has not been carried out. Secondly, when the pandemic was just beginning in Azerbaijan, people were not aware, and when people who contracted the coronavirus, but did not complain of illness, were quarantined with the help of the police; this caused strong mistrust,people said they had no complaints, these are some kind of games, etc. Then the disease continued to spread, but people without symptoms, but a positive reaction to the coronavirus, were not quarantined. Thirdly, some government agencies from time to time expressed information that did not correspond to reality, but then, when they came out with reliable information, they no longer believed them.

The physician also pointed out that the vaccination points were not open enough to vaccinate more citizens in a shorter time. He also questioned the disease statistics.

“There is a serious discrepancy between the number of vaccinated and the number of those infected recently. If we believe that the number of people vaccinated corresponds to reality, then there should not be such a number of people infected, and especially seriously ill patients,” he said, adding that all these factors caused mistrust.

The trigger of the trade in fake passports for COVID-19, according to Aliyev, was the news that from September 1, persons who did not receive these passports will not be allowed to work. According to the amendment introduced by the Cabinet of Ministers to the resolution "On measures to extend the special quarantine regime and remove some restrictions", from September 1, the services provided in catering establishments, hotels and large shopping centers will be available to persons over 18 years of age if they have passports for COVID -19– approx. Ed.). However, a person is designed in such a way that when a ban is introduced, he begins to look for ways to get around it. Therefore, it is not surprising that there were people who wanted to get passports for COVID-19 without vaccination. Today there are thousands of such people.

Referring to the question "Who is behind the doctors who issue fake passports for COVID-19?" It is possible that someone is behind this, perhaps."- 0—


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