Azerbaijan is becoming an exporter of edible salt

In the first half of this year, Azerbaijan exported 1 886.8 tons of salt, which is 2.7% more than during the entire 2013.

According to the State Customs Committee, for the half year, the export of salt generated $ 197 700. During the same period the import of salt was 7,438 tons. Imports made ​​at a price of $ 0.15 per 1 kg. In the retail food and iodized salt is sold at a price 0.30-1 manat (1 AZN- $ 1.27).

According to the State Committee of Statistics, the first seven months of this year, mining companies produced 18 100 tons of salt that na6% more than during the same period of 2013. The bulk of the production makes JSC «Azerbaijani industrial association of salt", a power of 90 000 tons per year. This is equal to the annual consumption.

In 2013, Azerbaijan produced 32 000 tons of non-iodized (12%) and 27 700 tons of iodized salt (10%).

According to the statistics of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, here in 2013, was produced 6268 tons of non-iodized salt, which is 1% higher than in the year 2012. --08B--

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