Trade union of JSC Holcim-Azerbaycan makes agreements with employers on wages

The trade union organization of JSC Holcim (Azerbaycan) extended the three-year term collective agreement with the management of the cement plant. The parties have taken on additional responsibilities.

According to the head of the trade unions Garadagh cement plant Shahin Agaev, from September this year the board JSC Holcim (Azerbaycan) raises the minimum wage to employees (298 manat) by 50%.

In addition, the employer will work to improve the compliance of safety standards, will support employees and their families to improve social welfare.

Holcim (Azerbaycan) financed by health insurance of employees and will continue in the coming 3 years.

Union organization of the cement plant said Turan, that workers are provided with free meals and 0.5 liter of milk rations, seasonal uniforms and security products.

At Holcim (Azerbaycan) work 412 people, 50% of whom are union members.

Many large companies and holdings in Azerbaijan has no trade union organizations. Moreover, the initiators of the creation of such organizations are persecuted and dismissed from their jobs. --08B--

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