Baku Metro in no hurry to open the door

It has been the seventeenth month since the main entrance of the station 28 May of Baku Metro was closed for repairs. Visually there is no reason to delay the opening of the entrance to the station. But the Metro managers are hesitant to reveal even an approximate date when passengers will be able to enter through the door of the reconstructed entrance of the station.

"At the station there is minor technical work. Once these works are completed, the entrance will be opened," the press secretary of the JSC Baki Metropoliteni, Nizami Pashayev said a month ago. But these "minor works" are not going to end.

28 May is the connecting station of the two existing lines of Baku Metro. This station is located in the city center. Modernization of the station, including its lower lobby, started from June 11, 2012 with the renovation of its escalators. In January 2013, the entrance and exit of the station were closed, and the construction of a new building started. The exit was commissioned in the first day of 2013/2014 academic year, on the 16th of September.

For entrance to the station 28 May passengers used the ​​Jafar Jabbarly station located in the eponymous square as well as the second entrance located in Salatin Asgarova Street.

Many people believed that the entrance to the station 28 May will be opened on the Republic Day - May 28. Now it is expected that the opening will take place on September 15. --08B—

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