Land in retail and the difference

Baku/13.02.14/Turan : Two government agencies announced land auction , the starting price of which is diametrically opposite . Analysis shows that Azerbaijan can create factors that contribute to the elements of corruption in government .

State Committee on Land and Cartography has announced on the 18th of February in the cities and regions of the country land sales, one of which, Gakh municipality (Gakh region) put up for sale by competition 11 hectares of land for the construction of a commercial property . The starting value of the land at its standard price 33,000 manat, is set at 550,000 manat. Thus, an acre of the land is offered to investors at 5 000 manat

State Committee on Property ( GKVI ) in turn continues to be auctioned land area under the privatized public companies in general shareholder meetings where decisions are made about the failure of privatization and land lease . For example, on March 11 scheduled auction for the sale of land under "Gence Topdansatish" ( 31,740 m2 ), "Kurdamir Insaat Xidmet" ( 7 104.8 m2) and "Mingecevir Kulinariya Merkezi" ( 2541 m2). The starting price of land actually determined on a symbolic level . For example, the ground under Ganja wholesale firm can be bought on the auction for 57,132 manats or AZN 180 per acre , Kurdamir construction company - 50.99 manat and Mingachevir culinary enterprise - 41 manats per acre . At these prices naturally raises the question of why the owners of joint stock companies flatly refuse to privatize land under their objects?

Shareholders of JSC "Mingecevir Kulinariya Merkezi" Vazir Rajabov told Turan, that the government has established special low rates for privatized AO, so that their owners were interested in buying them . However GKVI purposefully interfere with this process , setting AO various obstacles . "In 2012, I tried to participate in the auction for the sale of 2 hectares of land Dzhalilabadskogo winery number 1 , which belong to the shareholder . However, in the center of the auction I was not given the opportunity to even submit an application to participate in the bargaining . The land was sold at the price of 2,000 manats pre-specified face, " said Radjabov .

In 2008-2013 GKVI organized auctions , which were sold under the land about 20 AD and one individual company . Land were sold at auction at a starting unbeatable value.

In 2013, the SCLC organized in cities and regions 2628 bidding for the sale and the lease of municipal land . - 08B-


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