Production of natural gas and condensate started declining on Shah Deniz field

During six months, 2014 4.75 billion cub.m. of gas and 1.12 million tons of condensate was extracted on the Shah Deniz gas condensate field, reads the report of BP-Azerbaijan company.

Production of natural gas decreased by 1.04% against the same period in 2013, while condensate – by 11.1%.

From January to June 2014 average daily production totaled 26.2 million cub.m. of gas and 49,757 barrels of condensate.

During the period of the Shah-Deniz field operation since the end of 2006 till June 30, 2014 a total of 52.7 billion cub.m. of gas and 13.6 million tons of condensate has been extracted.

BP-Azerbaijan reported that at present maximum capacity of the production system on the Shah-Deniz field is 27.35 million cub.m. of gas a day  and 55,000 barrels of condensate.

In 2013 9.8 billion cub.m. of gas and 2.48 million tons of condensate was extracted on the Shah-Deniz field. The peak of production on Shah-Deniz falls to 2013. The current decline of gas production is insignificant and it could be resumed in the second half of this year. However, the issue of gas condensate is very serious.—0---

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