Purchases in Education System to Be Implemented in Centralized Manner

From today (26 January), the new system of financing expenditures of education enterprises subordinate to local education authorities at the Ministry of Education will take effect.

Pursuant to the Presidential Decree on the application of the state budget for 2016, rules were adopted for the financing of enterprises by the formation of zonal centers of financial settlement at the Ministry of Education.

The main novelty is that the procurement of goods (works and services) for the formation of local enterprises will be carried out by the Capital Construction and Supply Office at the Ministry of Education. On the basis of annual procurement requirements will be carried out in accordance with the law of Azerbaijan "On public procurement" in a centralized manner.

It should be noted that until 2016 the local education departments enjoyed financial independence and procured directly. In the press there were numerous incriminating articles, which alleged that the purchases were made at higher prices, and the suppliers of goods (works and services) were dummies. -----08D

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