Recorded nominal growth of agriculture

The volume of agricultural production in Azerbaijan as of 1 August totaled 2.99 billion AZN (4.2% compared with the same period last year).

According to the State Statistics Committee, in the seven months, the country produced 252,400 tons of meat (1.7%), 1,103,600 tons of milk (+ 3,5%), and 889.1 million eggs (+11.3%).

At the same time there was recorded decline in crop production (minus 10.8%). The harvest of crops continues. By August 1, from 948,500 hectares there were harvested cereals (excluding maize) of 2,162,600 tons (down 20.05%), with an average grain yield of 22.8 quintals / ha.

In January-July there was collected 466,100 tons of potatoes (minus 14.5%), 717,800 tons of vegetables (minus 1.4%) and 325 100 tons of melons (+ 9.4%). -17D-

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