Recorded the highest volume of trading in the OTC market

In January of this year, the turnover of the OTC market share amounted to 29 275 100 manat. This is a record for the entire period of the stock market in the country for one month. On the Stock Exchange for this month there were concluded deals for a total of 251 600 manat.

According to the published post by Baku Stock Exchange, subject to the transaction in January were 1,356,750 shares in banking. Exchange hides messages on specific transactions contrary to the rules of the State Committee for Securities of August 2011 "On transactions of registered investment securities." It is a stock company ZQAN Holding, which announced the sale of a controlling stake in OJSC Bank of Azerbaijan to other founders of the bank. The volume of trade amounted to 27,135,000 manat.

The rest of the transaction was concluded at 717,800 shares. The volume of transactions amounted to about 2.1 million manat. BSE also does not disclose the number of transactions in OTC transactions.

Note that in May 2012, the operations of 60 OTC made (National Depository Center) 26,256,100 manat, and since September 2009 at 59 transactions - 22,678,000 manat. -08D-


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