A. Insanov : Ilham Aliyev can not be a servant of the people

Baku/14.02.14/Turan : Today, in the Baku Court of Appeal chaired by Qadim Babaev the trial  continued of the former Health Minister Ali Insanov.

Re-investigation is being conducted in connection with the fact that the European Court of Human Rights on 14th March, 2013 adopted a resolution on the violation of the rights Insanov. Pursuant to the decision of the ECHR , the Plenum of the Supreme Court of Azerbaijan, on 15th November, 2013 sent the case back to the Court of Appeal .

At a hearing on 14th February the opposition politicians Jamil Hasanli, Isa Gambar, Eldar Namazov, and Arzu Samadbayli were present .

When Insanov was brought into the hall, the guards would not let him approach the politicians and say hello to them, as it was in the last case.

Before Insanov was brought into a glass cage, he, addressing the audience, said: "Ilham Aliyev, you can never be a servant of the people. (Recently, at a conference on regional development Ilham Aliyev called himself a servant of the people and urged officials to follow his example.) Servants of the people will not take people's wealth, destroy the intelligentsia, rot the youth in prisons, bring Karabakh war veterans to self-immolation. Look at yourself, look in the mirror. You are not a friend of the people, you are an enemy of the people. "

The meeting began with a lawyer, Shahverdi Agaveis who made ??a motion to call Kerem Hasanov (head of the State Property Committee, the former head of the Ministry of Economic Development privatization department) and Mikail Jabbarov (former head of the Ministry of Economic Development, now Minister of Education), Veliyev and Aslanova (chiefs of departments in the Ministry of Economic Development). These individuals either did not sign or signed with reservations papers about the illegality of acts of privatization of the Ministry of Health.

The counsel pointed out that the decision of the Strasbourg Court emphasised that Azerbaijani courts had not questioned the persons proposed by the defense as witnesses.

Agaveis also petitioned for video footage of the first trial to be viewed, as in the judgment the testimony of many witnesses was distorted .

Insanov also petitioned the court to summon the head of the State Commission on Student Admission Maleyka Abbaszadeh and the head of the Department of Humanitarian of the Presidential Administration Policy Fatma Abdullazadeh.

Abbaszadeh wrote MNS a certificate stating that Insanov allegedly took students to the medical school, bypassing the state commission.

The judge granted the request for a subpoena only for Veliyev and Aslanov.

Insanov raised a protest against this.

Turning to the judges, he said that they dare not call Abbaszadeh and Abdullazadeh because they "are cash purses for the Heydar Aliyev Foundation."

Insanov said Abdullazadeh herself confirmed to the Medical University of admitting an entrant who scored only 12 points. Insanov said that if necessary, he would call the person's name. At this point, the judge turned off the microphone.

The judge also did this when Insanov said that "Ilham Aliyev can not rule the country with ill whims."

Insanov, speaking ironically about the actions of the judge, said he controls not only the microphone, but also the air in the tank, because there is not enough air.

He accused the judges of violating the Constitution and the adversarial principle for judges, depriving him of the opportunity to defend his rights, and declined the court staff.

The Head of the National Council Jamil Hasanli also expressed indignation at the actions of judges. He was ashamed the judges. 

The judge said that sitting defendants in the tank met with the European standards, and removed Hasanli from the hall.

In turn, Hasanli, leaving, reminded the judges that European regulations do not provide remote control of the accused .

The court then called a meeting to consider Insanov's demand to remove the court staff.

During the break, Isa Gambar, addressing reporters suggested creating another large aquarium for the prosecutor and the judges.

When the court returned, they declared rejection of the challenge, and scheduled the next hearing at 11.00, on 21st February. -03B06-




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