Ali Kerimli and Leyla Yunus not allowed to OSCE PA session

Yesterday the leader of the Popular Front Party Ali Kerimli was not allowed to meet with European MPs in Baku Hotel Fairmont, where the session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly is held.

Kerimli meeting with the deputies in the lobby was interrupted by the guards, and he was asked to leave the hotel. Therefore, the meeting was continued in one of the cafes.

Kerimli on his page on Facebook wrote that he arrived at the hotel at the request of several European deputies who wanted to meet him. However, security staff prevented the meeting.

"I was not surprised to have such an attitude, but the Europeans were shocked, though they already knew that I was not given a passport for already 8 years and our party has repeatedly been evicted.

MEPs have long tried to convince the security that their actions are illegal and are not allowed, but in vain. "

MEPs themselves experienced the meaning of the assurances of Ilham Aliyev about the tolerance of the Azerbaijani authorities, said Kerimli.

However, he was not the only one whose rights were so grossly violated.

Earlier, the security service did not allow the known human rights activist Leyla Yunus to the session.

According to the rules of the OSCE PA International Service, OSCE security service is subject to national security, where the meeting of the Assembly is held. -06D-

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