Another bomb from Elshad Abdullayev: goal is DHS

Former Rector of the International University Elshad Abdullayev has unveiled new sensational documents on the abduction of his brother Mahir.

In an open letter, he calls the name of the organizer of the kidnapping - General of the Ministry of National Security Akif Chovdarov.

Abdullayev calls this infamous DHS officer "the head of an organized criminal gang to kidnap people."

Abdullayev says that in 2003, Mahir Abdullayev concluded a contract and bought from Akif Chovdarov a timber mill in the Sverdlovsk region of Russia.

In support of this Abdullayev publishes photos and other documents. As part of this transaction Chovdarov was to pay Mahir 300,000 dollars. In turn, Chovdarov demanded that Mahir paid him $ 2 million in exchange for his hiding Mahir's stay with the singer Matanat Iskenderli in the recreation area Garabulag, where the Interior Ministry colonel, and at the same time the head of a group of gangsters Haji Mammadov killed and buried his victims.

At the same time, the head of the Presidential Administration Ramiz Mehdiyev tried to capture the International University through his relative, Fikret Aliyev (the chief of the fourth division of DHS).

In this regard, there had been several attempts to abduct Mahir Abdullayev. Akif Chovdarovu managed to steal Mahir on October 13, 2003 with the assistance of the singer Matanat Iskenderli.

Senan Ibrahimov, a relative of the Deputy National Security Minister Hilal Asadov, as well as a partner of Akif Chovdarov in business Gulu Jafarov also participated in the kidnapping.

The author argues that Akif Chovdarov is one of those carrying out the orders and wishes of senior management of the country.

In addition to crime - abduction and murder, Chovdarov controls business of the first persons in the Sverdlovsk region in billions of USD.

After revealing the first video of the abduction Mahir Abdullayev in 2012, the government set up a commission of inquiry under the Prosecutor General.

Since the establishment of the commission, 6 months has passed, but nothing has been done to solve the crime, said Abdullayev.

"Direct executor of the abduction of Mahir is the current General and businessman Akif Chovdarov, who heads the National Security Main Office for Security in the energy and transport sectors. During the reign of Heydar Aliyev this timber merchant in the Sverdlovsk region was wanted.

In the criminal world he is known by the nickname Cyclops and is a citizen of the Russian Federation.

Chovdarov was involved in the murder of the journalists Elmar Huseynov and Rafiq Tagi, beating the journalist Agil Khalil and provocation against the journalist Khadija Ismayilova," said Elshad Abdullayev.

Note that Elshad Abdullayev has published several photos to prove the close partnership of his brother with Chovdarov.

Earlier, the involvement of Chovdarov in the murder of the journalist Elmar Huseynov was reported by Eynullah Fatullayev.

Turan appealed to the Ministry of National Security for the comment. The head of the Center for Public Relations Arif Babayev said: "This publication is nonsense, but we do not comment on stuff." -03D04-


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