Arif Yunus is arrested for three months for the interview and correspondence on the Internet (UPDATED)

 On August 5 the Nasimi district court ruled  decision to arrest for 3 months a conflictologist   Arif  Yunus. On July 30, he was taken under police supervision, and his wife, the  IMD Director Leyla Yunus, was arrested.  The family is charged with treason and other crimes.

According to the press service of the Prosecutor General's Office, the arrest of Yunus  is motivated  by violation of the requirements of the criminal procedural law. In particular, Yunus repeatedly, without police permission, "left the territory of the district, where he lived, and met with officials being prosecuted, or who may be subjected to persecution, was engaged in Internet correspondence, spoke in an interview with the media, which provided one-sided, false information," reads the  statement  of the Prosecutor Office. —1606D--

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2014 August 05 (Tuesday) 12:46:46

A known conflict expert at the Institute for Peace and Democracy (IPD) Arif Yunus was arrested today when carrying food to his arrested wife Leyla Yunus in the Baku Detention Center.

According to the lawyer Khalid Bagirov, Yunus was first taken to the 27th police station in the Yasamal district. Then the lawyer was informed that Yunus was brought to the Investigation Department for Serious Crimes of the Prosecutor General's Office to the inspector Ibrahim Lemberansky.

The lawyer expressed fears that Arif Yunus will be also arrested. -06D-

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