Detainees Released, Several Seriously Injured (UPDATED)

Baku / 12.02.20 / Turan: By midnight, all the detainees were dropped off the bus on the outskirts of the city.

At the same time, the activist of the Musavat party Arzulla Buludov was seriously injured during the detention. Despite the fact that he was ill on the bus, the police did not call the doctors. Already when it was really hard, they called an ambulance. Doctors offered urgent hospitalization and after that Buludov was taken into the ambulance and to the city clinical medical center. He allegedly has rib fractures.

The candidate for MP Rabia Mammadova’s hands have fractures. However, the city clinical center refused to give her a plaster cast.

Other victims are being examined in hospital.

Among the victims is also the journalist Aynur Elgunesh.    —06D--

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2020 February 11 (Tuesday) 17:10:20

A candidates for deputy holds a protest rally in front of the CEC

Baku/11.02.20/Turan: A candidate for deputy in the 10th Binagadi Third District, Rabiya Mammadov, began a February 11 sit-down protest in front of the CEC building.

Turning to the building, she shouted: “Devil! Answer the carousels ”,“ Stop the falsification!”

Candidates have the right to challenge and hold protests if they disagree with the election results, she told reporters.

Mammadova said she would protest until the CEC cancels the announced results for her district. “I have enough evidence that the results in this constituency are falsified in favor of a person who has been sitting in parliament for 30 years,” she said.

Later, another candidate for MPs from the Musavat party Elman Guliyev joined Mammadova.

Currently, police squads arrived in the area of ​​the sit-in, who tried to remove the protesters, but then stepped aside. The representative of the CEC did not go out to the protesters. — 03b--


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