Fatullayev Council of Europe: Do not irritate Baku

On Tuesday Eynulla Fatullayev spoke  in  the Council of Europe  before the journalists, MPs, and representatives of international organizations. The main topic of his speech was the report  of Strasser on political prisoners in Azerbaijan, reports Turan correspondent  from Strasbourg.

Fatullayev said that  the discussion of the report of  Strasser will  irritate the Azerbaijani authorities. According to him,  after the last  pardon  there are 30 people in the list of Strasser, and they also  will be released.

Currently, there are political prisoners in Georgia and Russia, and Turkey, and Ukraine, however, on the issue of political prisoners in these countries there is no special speaker, he said. Fatullayev believes this is fundamentally wrong as  the attitude to all countries of CE should be the same. "I'm not opposed  that PACE discuss political prisoners in Azerbaijan, but let them discuss the matter and relative to other countries,"  said a former political prisoner.

Fatullayev  told them not to "irritate" the Azerbaijani authorities by discussing in PACE  the report of Strasser, as other political prisoners will be discussed. -04B-


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