Musavat Party on Voting Process in Parliamentary Elections

Baku / 09.02.20 / Turan: At the 18th precinct of the 67th Jalilabad constituency, an observer from the Musavat party Rovshan Mammadov was not allowed into the precinct, although he submitted an observer ID issued by the CEC.

According to a similar pretext, Turan Gurbanov was not allowed to enter the 12th precinct of the 68th Jalilabad constituency.

In the 12th precinct of the 15th Yasamal 1 constituency, one of the ballot boxes is opaque and has a wide opening for ballot stuffing. At the same time, observers are not allowed to get up.

In the 9th precinct of the 68th Jalilabad Rural constituency, the head of the Shilavang village administration, Bagir Shiraliyev, manages the actions of the commission members and directs voters.

In the 62nd precinct of the 54th Shabran-Siyazan constituency, by 8.30 the ballot boxes were already half full.

At the 31st station of the 8th Binagadi constituency, observers were stationed away from the place of issue of ballots. The same situation is in other parts of the constituency.

In the 25th precinct of the 12th Garadagh-Binagadi-Yasamal constituency, 9 people were allowed to enter the site without checking the finger marking with colorless ink.

In sections of the 41st Sumgayit First constituency, members of the commission with an advisory vote are threatened by the police.   — 06D-


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