National Council: suicide is not a choice (VIDEO)

80% of suicides in Azerbaijan  is due to social problems. Suicide  is not the solution, they must be solved by fighting for their rights, this was a leitmotif hearings on the issue of suicide , organized by the National Council of Democratic Forces  (NCDF) on February 12. The hearing was attended by politicians, human rights experts , lawyers, members of the public, investigative journalists.  Since the beginning of the year in Azerbaijan were  recorded 36 suicides.

According to statistics, in 2008 there were 138 suicides committed;  in 2009 - 165, in 2010 - 289, in 2011 - 414 , in 2012 - 482. In 2013 , there were 920 suicide attempts , but accurate information about the deceased there, although it is about 500 people.

Suicides  happen  in the army too. In 2011 there were 12 suicides in the armyl;  in 2012 - 19, in 2013 – 16, and in  January 2014 - 4  cases.

"That's enough to beat the alarm company. Government should wake up and do something, otherwise  how we can speak about human rights," said the head of NCDF, Jamil Hasanli .

Psychologist Azad Isazade said that in practice,  of 10 suicide attempts  1-2 ends with the death.

"If 36 people died , the mean was 350-400 attempts.  Suicides  are committed for two reasons - " I can not live ," "I can not stand it any longer." In Azerbaijan even children are at risks. The other day of the third grade student committed suicide because he was tired of taking care of his grandmother," said Isazade .

According to him, only 10-15 % of suicides  commit a mentally deranged; usually  those who have social problems , especially women, commit suicides.

Not finding an answer to their complaint , people began defiantly burn  themselves, as society is indifferent to the problems of others, said Isazade.

PFPA leader Ali Kerimli believes that poverty , social problems and hopelessness encourage people to suicide. "The government must be responsible for it. But  the opposition is also responsible. We can not unite  to  reassure society, "  said Kerimli . "The way out of the situation  is to continue to live and connect to the fight," he said.

The participants noted that the authorities conceal the facts of suicide  in the army and prisons. In 90% of cases, a criminal investigation is not carried out. "Suicides happen often in the family and the army because of sexual exploitation. But it is hidden . In any case,  lawsuits  must  be filed, " said the head of the NGO " Islam , democracy, human rights," the human rights activist, Aytekin Imranova. 

According to experts, every year 80-90 children commit suicide.

It was also noted that the increase of suicides  is also due to  covering such cases in media. Pro-government media have been instructed not to write on this topic.

One of the causes of suicide and protest is a breach of democratic freedoms, the lack of justice in the courts. " Due to the fact that it is not allowed to protest in a democratic way , people have resorted to desperate and demonstrative steps" ,  said the lawyer Namizad Safarov .

Were mentioned the facts  of  suicide  of the grandfather  of the arrested activist of  NİDA  Movement, Rashadat Akhundov, and the  suicide attempt  of Sakhavat Samedov, the accused in Ismayilli events.

"The behavior of the government in connection with the self-immolation of Karabakh war veteran, Zaur Hasanov, contributed to the growth of such cases. People thought that in this way to solve  their problems. Media should not romanticize suicide and present it as the absence of any other way, " said the expert Ulviya Asadzade . Media should promote better methods of struggle.

Experts also pointed to the growth in the number of heart attacks in the country. Allocated from the state budget means for diabetics , dialysis and others , however, the drug does not reach the patient .

Economist Nemat Aliyev noted that while there are 340,000 disabled people in the who receive an average of 129 manat and 590,000 people receiving targeted social assistance on poverty .

Only 7 % of the population income exceeds 250 manat , 2 % - 300 manat , and against this background that the president bought a plane for himself at $ 240 million.—03C06-- 



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