Opposition member is fined , a taxi driver is arrested (UPDATED)

In accordance with the  court  decision, Yusif Namazoglu was fined 200 manat. Samir Mustafayev, a taxi driver in which Namazoglu shifted his cargo during the arrest, was arrested  for three days. According to  Namazoglu, first  they thought that  Mustafayev was  the son of opposition leader, and therefore  was detained. And later, despite it was revealed that he was  not his son, Mustafayev was  still arrested. -0 –

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2014 July 11 (Friday) 15:50:52

Yusif Namazoglu who heads the Geranboy head office of the opposition party "Musavat",  was arrested today by police officers in Yukhari Aghjakend.

In a telephone  conversation with  Turan the opposition member told that he and his wife were in a taxi, and were stopped by traffic police inspector named Rovshan Akbarov.

"Police took the driver's documents and demanded to go together in the office. At the same time, he began to swear loudly. I called him to order, indicating the presence of a woman. Then the police attacked me, immediately called the police and the prosecutor's office, saying that we attacked him. When we were taken to the police, police scattered papers from his desk in the office and unbuttoned his shirt.  Then he said that we made a scandal and hooligans," said Namazoglu, adding that he does not understand the cause of what is happening.

Local police, answering  the request from  Turan agency reported that the case was sent to the prosecutor's office charged with "resisting the police." The press service of the Prosecutor General told  Turan that comment on the matter will be made later. -03B-

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