The authorities rejected feminists, but they do not agree

Baku/05.03.20/Turan: The executive branch of Baku refused by the public movement of feminists planning to hold a march on March 8 under the slogan: "March 8 - streets are free for us."

The organization notified the city administration that on March 8 at 15:00 it would hold a procession in the center of Baku - on Fountain Square and Nizami Street.

However, the authorities refused, believing that this is a territory of heavy traffic of population, objects of trade and services; therefore, the procession is inappropriate here.

The city authorities proposed to hold an action outside the city in the village of Lokbatan.

“We are being sent to Lokbatan, but we will not go there. Our action does not depend on the Executive Power of Baku and will take place, as we planned,” the statement said. -16D-


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