The Red Cross does not provide information about the Yunus spouses

The head of the National Council, Jamil Hasanli, visited the Red Cross office in Baku, and asked the organization to visit the arrested human rights activist Leyla Yunus, who suffers from severe diabetes and is deprived of the opportunity to receive proper treatment and medication.

Turan agency addressed to the office of the Red Cross to report on the reaction to the request  of Hasanli.

"We received this man, listened to him, and took into account what he said,"  said the representative of the ICRC  for  PR, Ilakha Huseynova. According to her, the Red Cross regularly visit places of detention.

At the same time, the organization does not tell what places, and who personally they attend, she added.

However, today the ICRC representative said some Azerbaijani media that representatives of the organization visited on 6 August one Armenian family prisoners of war, and a family of the Armenian  deserters of five people, passing them messages from relatives. -03B- 

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