The staff of "Azadlig" newspaper will picket the office of "Gasid"

On July 19 at 12:00  the staff of the leading opposition newspaper of the country, "Azadlig", will hold a protest outside the offices of "Gasid"  disseminating print media. 

The reason for the action  is the refusal of "Gasid"  to 45,000 manat for the sold  copies of the newspaper.

"For over a year the management of "Gasid" under various pretexts refuses to pay  us the money that a firm earns for the sold copies of our newspaper. We can not  obtain from the state organization meet its commitments. Leadership of  “Gasid”  is tries to solve  its problems at our expense,"  said

Deputy Editor of "Azadlig", Rahim Hajiyev.

According to him, during the last month "Gasid" paid out  the  newspaper  only 2,000 manat.

According to Hajiyev, the company "Gasid" is used as a lever of pressure on the newspaper to silence it. -16D-


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