A man attempting Head of Ganja Refuses State Attorney

Baku / 08.01.20 / Turan: On January 8, the Sabunchi District Court of Baku continued the preparatory hearing in the case of Yunis Safarov, who is charged with attempted assassination of the mayor of Ganja, Elmar Veliyev, and 11 others.

The case is being examined by the Ganja Serious Crimes Court, chaired by Muhammad Bagirov.

At the meeting, lawyers petitioned to return the case to the preliminary investigation, to conduct audio and video recording of the process, to change the preventive measure for prisoners, to appoint a second examination to check complaints of torture, etc.

Most of the applications were dismissed. Some will be examined during the substantive hearings. At the same time, the presiding judge granted the request for the handcuffs to be removed from the accused during the trial.

The defendants are protected by about 20 lawyers, most of them appointed by the state.

At a meeting on January 7, Safarov refused a state lawyer and requested that lawyer Elchin Sadigov, who had previously been removed by the prosecutor’s office, be returned to him. However, the court did not approve Safarov's request and decided to provide him with a state lawyer. To this, Safarov replied that he was refusing other lawyers except Sadigov.

The hearing is essentially scheduled for January 16th.

Family members of the accused are not happy with the progress of the process. Asif Allahverdiyev’s mother in protest against the violation of her son’s rights announced her intention to self-immolate.

And the lawyer Sadigov told reporters that he would file a complaint against the court’s decision on his non-admission to Safarov’s defense.

* According to the prosecution, Yunis Safarov represents foreign radical religious circles, and on July 3, 2018 in Ganja committed a pre-planned attack against the mayor and his guard.

Safarov and other persons involved in the case are accused of terrorism with the aim of forcibly changing the constitutional system and creating a Sharia state, creating illegal armed groups, illegal possession of weapons, attempted murder of police officers and statesmen, anti-state appeals and other serious crimes. -03C06-


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