A member of the ruling party complains about head of MOE

A member of the Imishli district organization of the ruling party New Azerbaijan, Nurahmed Kazymov appealed to President Ilham Aliyev with an open letter in which he complained about the head of Ministry of Emergency Situations Kamaladdin Heydarov.

Kazymov writes that as a result of raising the groundwater during the floods in May and June 2010, his house was badly damaged. And after the earthquake of 10 February 2014 the house is not habitable, as part of it collapsed.

Kazymov tried to get an appointment with the leadership of Ministry of Emergency Situations at outreach meetings in Salyan and Imishli. June 14 in Salyan the Emergencies Minister refused to accept residents of Imishly.

According to Kazymov, local courts for years have been delaying consideration of complaints of citizens affected by floods or refusing to consider them.

"It's unfortunate that your order of 19 May 2010 and the order of the Cabinet of Ministers of 9 July 2014 in the aftermath of the Kura flood turned to a manger for some people," writes Kazymov.

Finally, he asks the President to assist in an objective examination of his appeal in the Supreme Court. -06D-

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