Aliovsat Aliyev is in Germany on family problems

"Reports that my brother Aliovsat Aliyev fled abroad are not justified," a member of parliament and leader of the Civil Solidarity Party, Sabir Rustamkhanly told Turan, commenting publications on this topic in the media.

According to him, Aliovsat really went to Germany, but this is due to family matters. "The son of Aliovsat has lived in this country and the other day he had a child. Aliovsat went to visit his grandson and will soon come back," said Rustamkhanly.

The information about the flight of Aliovsat, an expert on migration and migrant issues, is distributed by "certain interested people," said the deputy.

Asked about the appointment of his son to a public office, Rustamkhanly said his son Jamil was appointed to LLC Azeryolservis.

"However, this is not news – he has worked in the international department of the organization for several years, and recently became head of a division,” said Rustamkhanly. - 05B-

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