Another artist is dismissed for political views

Baku / 06.11.17 / Turan: Seymour Namazov, an actor of the State Musical Drama Theater, was fired for participation on November 3 at the picket of the Musavat Party in front of the Baku Executive Power, he told Turan. Namazov worked for 17 years in the theater as an artist. On November 4, when he came to work, he was shown pictures showing his participation in the picket of the Musavat Party. He was told that he was dismissed by the decision of the leadership, even though on that day he had a play.

Namazov noted that although his salary is low, he considers the theater to be his favorite home. "I was fired because of political views. For one participation in the picket, I was fired from the theater, where I worked for 17 years," Namazov said.

Moreover, he was not presented with a document on violation of any article of the Labor Code. "I did not violate labor discipline, did not interfere with the work of the theater, I went to work, I took part in performances," Namazov said.

He said that he will not give up political views. "I am a member of the Musavat Party and I am on the right way," he said, noting that after consulting with the leadership of the party he will take legal steps to restore his labor rights. To receive comments in Azerbaijan the state musical theater about the reasons of dismissal Namazov it was not possible. The management of the theater refuses to speak on this subject.

Earlier, three actors of the Azerbaijan National Drama Theater were dismissed for participation in the opposition rally. This happened after the Minister of Culture Abulfaz Garayev condemned the artists for participating in "anti-state statements." - 03B06-

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