Azerbaijan�s State Security Service Reports Liquidation of Three Suspects of Preparing Terrorist Assault at Opposition's Rally

Baku / 26.10.17 / Turan: Three people suspected of planning a terrorist attack at a rally of the Azerbaijani opposition's National Council of Democratic Forces (NCDF) in Baku were liquidated during a special operation conducted by the State Security Service (SSS) of Azerbaijan on October 25.

The SSS press service stated on October 25 that several people who swore allegiance to a terrorist group operating abroad conducted a meeting in the Baku suburb of Lokbatan in the house of an Azerbaijani citizen Bakhtiyar Mamedsadyg Oglu Alekperov nicknamed Abdullah. Alekperov was elected so-called 'emir' at this meeting.

The group members planned terrorist assaults to destabilize the sociopolitical situation in Azerbaijan. To this end, they made explosive and incendiary devices and conducted their tests in the territory of Lokbatan on October 22. According to SSS, the group members planned a terrorist attack at the opposition rally in Baku on October 28.

On October 25, SSS carried out a special operation to neutralize the criminal group. The group members Bakhtiyar Mamedsadyg Oglu Alekperov (nicknamed Abdullah), Anar Mehman Oglu Masimli (nicknamed Abu Yunis) and Javid Huseyn Oglu Huseynli (nicknamed Abu Vaccaz) committed armed resistance, opening fire on representatives of law enforcement bodies. In response, the extremists were destroyed, SSS reported.

The operative and investigative measures are continuing, SSS said.

The NCDF rally scheduled for October 28, which will be held under the slogan End to Corruption, Freedom to Political Prisoners, was sanctioned by the Baku city administration on October 25. -0-

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