Islamists preparing for a meeting

The Committee to protect the rights of convicted Islamists issued a statement of protest against the torture of the convicted leader of the Islamic Party Movsum Samedov.

The statement released by the Iranian radio said that transfer of Samedov into the severe Gobustan prison shows the threat to his life and health.

Similar pressure is on the other two convicted Islamists, Taleh Baghirzadeh and Abgul Suleimanov.

The Committee considers this pressure as a political order and moral terror.

"The responsibility for all possible negative effects on the health of the Islamists will fall on the Prison Service," the document stated.

The acting head of the Islamic Party Elchin Manafly, commenting the situation for Turan, said that members of the party are going to hold a protest against the pressure of their imprisoned comrades.

According to him, after Gurban Bayram (Holy Sacrifice Holiday) the party will appeal to the Mayor's office with a notice of the impending action. -05D / B-

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