Lawyer E. Sadigov: Criminal proceedings against Emil Mammadov collapse

Salyan District Police Department completed the preliminary investigation of the case of the head of the local NGO Promoting Democracy Emil Mammadov, accused of extortion.

Mammadov’s lawyer Elchin Sadigov told Turan that since his arrest in mid-May, no investigation against him was conducted.

The lawyer believes that the criminal case was fabricated to order of the management of the Salyan district.

To confirm his words, he indicated that all the 12 victims in this case on the same day April 8 filed complaints to the police, which became the basis for the criminal investigation.

Initially they complained about a member of the NGO Promoting Democracy Tofig Gasimov.

Six of the victims later refused of their complaints, saying they “were angry” when submitting the applications.

Six other victims at the end the investigation testified specifically against Mammadov. According to them, ostensibly on behalf of Mammadov, Gasimov extorted money from them, threatening to publish compromising materials on the Internet.

Gasimov himself testified against Mammadov under pressure. Also under pressure, he refused of the independent counsel Alaif Hasanov.

Gasimov is now protected by a state lawyer. According to Sadigov, during the trial this lawyer said, commenting on the extension of Gasimov’s arrest, said that he leaves the matter to the court.

Sadigov is convinced that in the trial the version of the investigation will completely collapse.

In his view, the customer of the criminal case is the chief executive of Salyan, Tahir Kerimov and they are trying to punish Mammadov for exposing corruption in the area.

The lawyer drew attention to the fact that the complainants in this case are the heads of regional departments - financial management, telecommunications facilities, water-channel enterprise, etc., i.e. all the individuals are subordinated to the head of the area.

The trial will be held in the Lankaran Court of Grave Crimes.

* NGO Promoting Democracy is one of the most active civil society institutions in the southern region. Its head Mammadov has repeatedly publicized cases of corruption in the structures of the district authorities, as well as defended the civil rights of local residents. This NGO was involved in several projects of the Web Civilian Control in the Mining Industry.

All this caused severe irritation at the local authorities, who started a campaign of accusing the activist of anti-state activities. -06B-

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