Mass Hunger Strike of Azerbaijani Citizens in Dagestan

Baku / 07.06.20 / Turan: Azerbaijani citizens have been conducting a hunger strike for the fourth day in the border village of Kullar of Dagestan.

The action is held under the slogan "We want to go home!".

About 200 people take part in a hunger strike constantly or in shifts.

People demand from the authorities of Azerbaijan and Russia an early pass through the border.

Many of them live on the border for more than one month.

Over the past 20 days, 271 people passed through the border in three parties. Nevertheless, due to new arrivals, about 650-700 people still accumulated on the border.

Half of them live in a campground, and the rest - in personal cars, unfinished buildings, tents built from cellophane in improvised places.

“We are tired of living here in the field. It’s unbearably hot during the day, there is no opportunity to take a shower, there is no proper nutrition, and many of us have no money left,” said one of the residents of the tent camp. —06D-


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