Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

The reasons for the fall of the republic, the likelihood of the development of domestic tourism, and the beginning of the replacement of gas meters are the topics of today's media.

The website Musavat.com discusses the reasons for the fall of Azerbaijan People’s Republic (APR) in connection with the approach of Republic Day on May 28. 102 years ago in the world there were 20 states with a democratic system, one of which was Azerbaijan. The APR lasted from May 1918 to April 1920 and was overthrown by Russian and local Bolsheviks.

Most of the Azerbaijani Bolsheviks who helped to overthrow the APR were subsequently destroyed by the regime that they helped build.

The Yenisabah.az website predicts that prices for summer cottages will increase in Baku. People cannot travel abroad, or make tourist trips, so there will be a need to rent cottages, as well as houses in areas of the country. Therefore, prices may rise.

Experts note that over the past three months there has been stagnation in the real estate market, however, prices are not falling.

The website Oxu.az writes that the replacement of gas meters in private homes, with the exception of new high-rise buildings, is on the agenda. Meters that have expired will be replaced by mechanical ones, Azerigaz reports. This structure explains this by cost savings and a more rational use of income. For the price of one smart card type meter, you can buy three mechanical ones.

The cost of the current Itron Gallus Pay.G4 NGPP smart meter is 220-240 manat. The cost of a mechanical meter G-4T is 70-90 manat.

 In response to allegations that mechanical meters are out of date, it is said

 that they are German made. Unlike smart card meters, mechanical ones have a constant gas flow.

After notification of payment for used gas, the subscriber is given 30 days to pay, and this period is not considered a debt.


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