Press Review 08/11/14

Official newspapers write about the meeting of the Presidents of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia in Sochi, as well as the attendance of the three presidents in a Sambo contest.


Azadlig also focuses on the meeting of the three presidents in Sochi.

Leyla Yunus and her husband sound the alarm at the fact that they may be physically destroyed in prison.

The democratic movement in Azerbaijan, operating in Europe, issued a statement condemning the recent arrests.

The newspaper Yeni Azerbaijan has published an article that accuses the BBC radio in provocation against Azerbaijan.

The newspaper published statements of Islamic structures and institutions of civil society in Azerbaijan, as well as the Polish government, condemning the recent arrests in the country.


Yeni Musavat called "Russian initiative" the meeting of the three presidents in Sochi on the settlement of the Karabakh conflict.

The Chairman of the Classic Popular Front Party, commenting on the arrest of human rights defenders, said that it is now the turn of the parties.

Commenting on the processes occurring in the post-Soviet space, experts say that the Russian plan to create the Eurasian Union and the Customs Union was a fiasco.

The newspaper writes that all objects standing at the edge of Darnagul highway will be demolished within a week. Such a warning was given by the authority in connection with the construction of the Olympic Stadium. -0--

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