Press Review for 3/7/13


Official newspapers continue to publish defamatory articles about the Forum of intellectuals and Public Chamber.


Azadlig reports on the lawsuit against its editor G. Zahid filed by the Minister of Emergency Situations and the Minister of Interior, which request criminal punishment of the journalist.


Returning from Russia, Azerbaijanis are contacted by police, who asked where they went and what they did while in Russia.


Zerkalo: NGO Reserve Officers invited to picket the house of Defense Minister Safar Abiyev.


Express: A report by Cabinet, submitted to Parliament, noted that currently registered in Azerbaijan are 4,700 media.


Echo: Azerbaijanis buy gifts for women on March 8 every year, men spend an average of 90 million manat.


Bizim Yol: Relatives of National Army soldier Elman Aliyev, who died in Defense, refuted his sudden death. They believe that the soldier died a violent death.


Yeni Musavat: The mother of another soldier, Orkhan Mirzazadeh, who died in the army, believes her son did not commit suicide, but was murdered.


Isa Gambar, leader of the Musavat party postponed a meeting with young people from 10 to 17 March as the municipality did not provide the room.


The Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic’s head Vasif Talibov sent to Baku a special group to spy on journalists and human rights activists - natives of Nakhchivan.


Baki Khabar: Pro-government political scientists call a meeting between the U.S. Ambassador and the opposition a ‘manifestation of the incompetence of the diplomat’.

"If a diplomat makes such steps, then he has no idea of diplomacy," they said. -0 -


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