Prosecutor Asks to Sentence Headmaster to 2.5 Years in Prison

Baku /16.10.19 / Turan: On Wednesday, October 16, a final statement by the state prosecutor took place at the trial on the death of a student of Baku school number 162 Elina Hajiyeva.

The prosecutor suggested sentencing the accused, the former director of the school, Sevinj Abbasova, to 2.5 years in prison and forbidding her to be a teacher and hold positions in educational institutions for 3 years.

After the meeting, the lawyers of the injured party stated that they did not agree with the proposal of the state prosecutor, since the punishment was very soft and not adequate to the criminal act that led to human death. This type of punishment imposes certain restrictions on the convict, but does not provide for complete deprivation of liberty.

The next hearing is scheduled for 10.30 on October 18.

* On April 4, 2019, a school student Elina Hajiyeva jumped from the third floor of the school. A criminal case was filed under Art. 125 (bringing to suicide) of the Criminal Code.

Subsequently, the director of the school, Sevinj Abbasova, was brought to justice. She was charged under articles 143 (leaving in danger) and 314.2 (negligence resulting in the death of the victim) of the Criminal Code. However, under article 125 (suicide), no one was held accountable. -30D-

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