Request for Release of Arif Yunus Rejected

Today the Nasimi District Court considered a motion to change the preventive measure for the employee of the Institute of Peace and Democracy, Arif Yunus, accused of treason. The lawyer asked to replace his arrest by house arrest.

The court dismissed the petition, the lawyer Khalid Baghirov told Turan. On October 29, the same court extended the arrest of Arif Yunus by another 4 months.

According to the lawyer, both decisions of the Nasimi Court will be appealed.

Arif’s wife, Leyla Yunus was detained on 30 July and 5 days later, Arif was also arrested. They are charged with treason and several other crimes.

Arif and Leyla Yunus are recognized “prisoners of conscience” by Amnesty International. Their release is demanded by multiple international organizations, as well as leaders of several countries, including the President of France. -16B06-

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