Shirvan Court of Appeal considers complaints of 25 citizens against Ministry for Emergency Situations (MES)

On Monday the Shirvan Court of Appeal chaired by Rafael Eyvazov held hearings on claims of 25 people affected by the floods in 2010. A representative of the MES, Vugar Hajiyev, said that some houses were inspected because local executive agencies have not provided  the MES  with relevant information. He also said that the inspection of some houses continues.

Oktay Gyulaliyev, coordinator of civil society “Kura” who was protecting the rights of victims, said that despite the 30 months that have passed after the floods, and that the state has allocated 460 million AZN for flood relief, the problems of some people remain unsolved. Gyulaliyev noted that the ignoring of court decisions by the executive power of Imishli region should be regarded as an attempt to evade responsibility, and is disrespectful of the law and court.

The plaintiffs asked the court to entrust the MES for the construction, home improvement and delivery of cash compensation.

The next trial is scheduled for November 28 with the mandatory participation of a representative of the executive power of Imishli region.

One hundred and 30 flood victims have filed lawsuits in the courts. Part of the appeal was granted by the MES.  A complaint was sent to the European Court of Human Rights on two unsatisfied claims. Currently 96 claims are being considered.—0—


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