Sixteen officials arrested for corruption, Prosecutor General’s Office

In the past year on the proposal of the Office of Prosecutor General's Office to fight corruption, 169 officers  were brought to disciplinary charges, stated  the head of this department Kamran Aliyev said at a press conference today.

Of these persons - 48  are representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 42 - the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Labor 28- 1 - Ministry of Defense, 13 - Ministry of Education,  one from the Ministry of Emergency Situations, one from the Customs Committee, 35 - other departments.

In addition, as a result of 14 operational activities 16 officials have been caught red-handed in the act.

In 2015, management received 10,654 complaints of citizens, of which 2100 were positively resolved, and in 30 criminal cases initiated. In the first week of January as a result of operational investigative work  were filed six  lawsuits, and seven people were arrested, said Aliyev.-05C-

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