The Court of Appeals remains Hasan Huseynli in custody

Ganja Court of Appeal  has finished the consideration of complaint  by Hasan Huseynli, the head of the NGO "Perfect Citizen." Previously, he was sentenced to six years' imprisonment on charges of disorderly conduct and possession of knives.

According to the lawyer Alaif Hasanov, the defense asked to justify him, and  put forward a motion to reconsider the court proceedings because the trial court was biased. The court rejected all of the petitions, and upheld the decision.

Protection will submit an appeal to the Supreme Court, but does not expect a fair verdict, and therefore intends to further appeal to the European Court of Human Rights, said the lawyer.

"The authorities monopolize all sectors including education. Apparently, the activities of the center by Hasan Huseynli did not suit them, as he helped citizens to study abroad," said the lawyer.  However, he stressed that Huseynli himself requested not to include it in the list of political prisoners, although pleaded not guilty.

* 57-year-old Hasan Huseynli was detained in Ganja on 31 March. Two days later, he was released from custody, but charged with disorderly conduct with a weapon.

Subsequently Huseynli was charged with illegal possession and carrying knives. On July 14  the Nizami Ganja Court recognized Huseynli guilty on both Articles, and sentenced him to six years' imprisonment. —B06

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