The three accused of terrorist attacks during the "Eurovision" sentenced to life imprisonment

On  November 25  trial in the case of the accused in the preparation of a series of attacks in Azerbaijan on the eve of "Eurovision 2012" completed in Baku Serious Crimes Court chaired by  the judge Hajiyev Afgan. The verdict was read for 29 accused.

According to the verdict, Samir Sanaa and two other persons were sentenced to life imprisonment.

The remaining defendants  were sentenced from  nine to 15 years imprisonment.

Members of the group were neutralized during special operations conducted by the  Ministry of National Security in April-May 2012 in Baku, Ganja , Gazakh and other regions of the country. The head of the group, Vugar Padar was killed.

Saniyev nicknamed "Abi Ubeyda" was another leader of the group. He was arrested in Gazakh region while trying to leave Azerbaijan.

According to  investigation in February 2011 at a meeting of the "Council of Dagestan emirs ", held near the Dagestani village of Kadar, with participation of Padarov , Saniyev and Elmir Nureliyev  decided to start "jihad" in Azerbaijan.

In July 2011, Padarov , Saniyev and  Nuraliyev illegally crossed the state border from Dagestan.

The group was  to commit serial terrorist attacks in Azerbaijan, including against President Ilham Aliyev during his visit to the north-western region of Azerbaijan at the beginning of April 2012.

In addition, members of the group planned a large-scale explosions during "Eurovision" in May 2012 in crowded places foreigners, including «Hilton Baku», «JW Marriot Hotel Absheron» and other hotels.

Besides , purchasing tickets for the contest " Eurovision-2012 ", they planned to get into the «Baku Crystal Hall» and commit a terrorist attack during the concert. So, using the so-called "shock bomb" they wanted to spread panic and massive crush among spectators. Concurrently they planned remotely detonate  cars parked in front of the hotels cars with the aim of massive destruction.

Total 40 people were detained  with large quantities of arms and ammunition. Trials were conducted in groups. Previously were convicted two groups of detainees  on these events.—16D06--


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