Theologian condemned violence against Wahhabi

Imam of the religious community at the Juma mosque, theologian Ilgar Ibrahimoglu condemned the violence motivated by religious intolerance, which appeared in social networks yesterday.

Note that a video appeared on lynching of supposedly a follower of Wahhabism by a mob of religion followers on YouTube. On the footage it can be seen that somebody is cutting his beard, beating him at the same time.

"What is happening is an Azerbaijani human tragedy. This is a tragedy of people, who after the collapse of the Soviet Union were not allowed to normally profess and propagate their faith. This is a tragedy of the Azerbaijani people sliding down from one extreme to another.

“Yes, in the last days the crimes of LIH (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) cause pain and indignation. However, it categorically does not justify violence against people or shaving off their beards," said Ibrahimoglu.

You cannot respond to the heinous acts of LIH, which is a manifestation of the Wahhabi ideology, with punitive actions, insults, humiliation, or beatings.

If someone comes in this way, it does not mean that we must do the same here and act in the same methods," wrote Ibrahimoglu in his address to the faithful of Azerbaijan. -06D-

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