Audiokitab - books in Azerbaijani language in a wide format

Baku / 11.12.18 / Turan: The "Audiokitab" project ("Audiobook") has been launched, allowing to listen to books in the Azerbaijani language.

They are available on the resource through mobile and electronic applications "App Store" and "Google Play".

The project includes works of classical and modern Azerbaijani and foreign literature, textbooks, scientific books and lectures, Azerbaijani fairy tales, samples of poetry and oral folk art.

Texts are voiced by famous actors and announcers.

One of the main goals of the project is to bring samples of national and foreign literature to Azerbaijanis living abroad.

"We hope that very soon "Audiokitab" will become a mean for closer consolidation of compatriots. Thanks to Auidiokitab, Azerbaijani literature is becoming available throughout the world, uniting compatriots, helping to inculcate Azerbaijani culture to the younger generation born abroad, to master their literary language," said the head of the project Audiokitab, honored cultural figure Hasan Hasanov.

The format of audio books is convenient because it allows you to listen to books while traveling in public transport - by car, plane, train, while walking, on vacation, and performing certain work.

In addition, "Audiokitab" creates opportunities for people who are visually impaired and visually impaired to familiarize themselves with Azerbaijani literature and history.

According to official statistics, 40,000 people in Azerbaijan are visually impaired, and the Auidiokitab project is a good help for raising the educational level of this category of people.

Audio books are an important educational tool for students of schools and universities. In particular, the project included lectures on all periods of the history of Azerbaijan.

In addition, "Audiokitab" will help foreigners who want to learn the Azerbaijani language.

According to Hasanov, audiobooks were previously created in Azerbaijan. However, these projects were local in nature and were intended for a specific target audience.

So far the listeners are presented with 400 audiobooks. The work on dubbing new books continues. -06B-

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