Iran wants to strengthen cultural ties

Head of the Culture Center of the Iranian embassy in Azerbaijan, Ibrahim Ibrahimi, held a press conference on Wednesday. He spoke about close cultural ties between Iran and Azerbaijan in the field of music, film and art in general.  "There are not other  two states  with such similar culture,"  said Ibrahimi. He stressed that Azerbaijan is second   Shiite  state after Iran , and it is "a common value."

“Thirty five  million  Azerbaijanis live in Iran, and it has a particular impact on the Iranian-Azerbaijani relations. There may well be differences  in the opinions between the two countries on the politics and economy,  but science and culture are a great arena for cooperation," said Ibrahimi. However, he acknowledged that some forces are trying to prevent the rapprochement between Iran and Azerbaijan, without specifying who.

According to him, Iran is interested in strengthening cultural ties with Azerbaijan. It is planned  to hold  days of culture of Azerbaijan in Iran and on the contrary; there is great potential for cooperation in the field of cinema, art and music, as well as networking among intellectuals, university professors.

Film festivals in both countries are possible. Both countries have experienced war, that may give rise to joint films on war.

"The Iranian side supports joint cultural projects as cultural diplomacy plays an important role in bringing together neighborly relations," said Ibrahimi.

He further said that  the joint  Iranian-Azerbaijani film "The Eighth Sky", which is screed in Iran is ready.

In September, Baku will host events dedicated to Shahriyar, and Tabriz will host events  dedicated  to Fizuli. Ibrahimi also noted that travels of  Azerbaijani journalists in Iran are provided . -05C04-

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